Dadnamics Live! Episode 7 Shave Monster

Is this your first Dadnamics Live! video?


If you’re not new… THIS IS WHERE I MAY LOSE YOU!!!

I’m a storyteller (in case you haven’t noticed). Think about it.

Storytelling is art.What is your Jordan

You can tell art through pencil or paint brush. I started with this form of art training and recreated MJ’s “The Shot” as a 14-year-old.

You can tell art through photograph like my friend Vincent Pugliese. He captures the most unique images from sports venues all across the country. His work has already earned him national acclaim and will lay on your coffee table one day in the form of his upcoming sports photojournalism experience called “One Shot“.

You can tell art through audio recording. Many podcasters and successful radio hosts excel here. I’ll give a shout out to a few friends in this space: Dave Ramsey, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Shawn Stevenson, and Larry Hagner.

You can tell art through the written word. My friend Christopher Maselli is an amazing author and taught me how to transition my art from pencils to words. The “Arctic Land” book is my 38-year-old version of the MJ above.

And you can tell art through the body in the forms of dancing, martial “arts”, and of course, acting.

Dadnamics is an expression of art through words and acting, for the purpose of connecting YOU to your kids.

Art touches a man’s soul and is able to powerfully and deeply connect people.

Let’s harness the creative genius WE ALL HAVE somewhere inside. Come with me on this journey through art. Allow me to become your acting coach.

I cast YOU as the main character in YOUR family movie. Call it what you want. It’s your story. I’m just trying to show you some ideas.

About the Author Ken Carfagno

Along his journey from artist to engineer to entrepreneur, Ken Carfagno became a dad. And like many new dads, his kids inspired a long-forgotten gift. Ken could make up stories and draw his kids into them. This sparked a dream that lead to Dadnamics, the infusion of creativity, adventure, and silliness into dad time. And it lead to the Arctic Land experience.

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  • Wow, what a great article! Thanks for the mention Ken, it’s an honor 🙂

    • Thank you JLD! Your expression of art is probably the hardest and yiu do it EVERYDAY, so well!!! Transforming words into feelings and emotions over a microphone, to inspire people to be better. I highly recommend John’s Freedom Journal and podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire!

  • Man, I’m not sure which is better, the story or the Shave Monster video! Thanks for the shout out, it’s an honor to be included with such incredible, inspirational names! By the way, my boys were cracking up hysterically as they watched the video. Keep up the awesome work!!

    • Vincent, I’m relieved that your kids liked the video. That was a tough one to show the world. I do it to help Dads like you! Looking forward to your work on my coffee table:)