Dadnamics Live! Episode 41 Five Fraggles

“Fraggle Rock” was my favorite show as a small boy and at the same time, my most loathed. Here’s the story if you’re interested. The show was the culmination of a great weekend with my dad and the closing credits represented my dad taking me back to mom’s house. It sucked as much as it was awesome.

But I don’t want to dwell on that. I want to key in on my message to fathers today.

Some of you may have wonderful marriages, while others only get your kids on weekends. I get it and I don’t judge you. Either way, I want to be your Uncle Traveling Matt and “Outer Space” represents the creative things I do with my kids. Listen to Uncle Matt and Gobo’s interaction in the very first episode of Fraggle Rock.

“Uncle Matt, it’s really strange up here.” Gobo says.

“You think it’s strange up here. Look out there, boy. Go on!” Uncle Matt replies as he point out through a small opening in the Fraggle Cave.

Gobo gasps. “It’s Outer Space, just as the Legend says.”

Uncle Matt straightens up and proclaims. “And we must venture out into it. It is our destiny.”

“We must venture out… did you say… WE?” Gobo trembles.

“Absolutely. I shall fully explore the reaches of Outer Space, taking notes all the while and send messages back to you. Every few days you must go into this first room and pick up the messages. Promise me you’ll do that boy!”

Gobo stutters and begins to make excuses. He proclaims that he “will not go”. But Uncle Matt wasn’t listening (or was he being a leader), when he turns to Gobo and says, “Thank you for promising me.” Then Uncle Matt pops through the cave into Outer Space.

Will you allow me to be your guide… your Uncle Matt?

Will you become Uncle Matt to your kids? Hear their objections of the unknown and scary, yet have them do it anyway. Fear is simply a lack of control around a certain action. If you’ve never done it, of course your body will tense up. That’s why courage is so important. Take action in the face of your fear. Be courageous.

Every Friday, I want you to open these emails, read, and watch these videos. Promise me you’ll do that, Dads!

About the Author Ken Carfagno

Along his journey from artist to engineer to entrepreneur, Ken Carfagno became a dad. And like many new dads, his kids inspired a long-forgotten gift. Ken could make up stories and draw his kids into them. This sparked a dream that lead to Dadnamics, the infusion of creativity, adventure, and silliness into dad time. And it lead to the Arctic Land experience.

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