DiR Story Starters

Before you begin, let me give you Dads a few instructions. 

(1) This DiR Story Starter is designed for both boys and girls, ages 5 – 8. Older kids will probably like it and the youngers will laugh along.  Also, this story is designed for Dads reading to multiple kids.

(2) Every blank line in parentheses () self-directs you WHOSE name to read.

(3) If you have 2 kids, use “Bob” as the 3rd child. If you have more than 3 kids like I do, then add a 4th to the story if you want.

(4) Try to structure your time to do these on your device at bedtime. However, do whatever works best for your family.

Thank you for reading DiR Story Starters. Have fun. Be silly!

T-Rex Table Manners

Chapter 1 Boom Boom

A mixture of emotion fixed on the 3 faces plastered to the front window. (_child #1, boy_)’s mouth hung open, drooping like a tired dog. (_child #2, girl_)’s nose was pressed so tight that she looked like an oinker and (_child #3, boy or use Bob_) bounced like he was on a trampoline.

Far in the distance, amidst the downpour, was a large figure slowing approaching the house. The day was breaking and the figure cast a shadow that stretched far behind him.

     Boom. boom.

The window glass vibrated as this figure took each step. The kids could see him a little better now. His legs were like tree stumps with feet that seemed too big for his body. On the contrary, his tiny arms just dangled under his humongous head. Oh, and speaking of his head. It looked like it was completely consumed by his jaw and teeth. This creature sure looked like it was hungry. And that’s why he was invited.

Wait, stop the story!

“(_child #2, girl_), did you invite him?”

“(_child #1, boy_), was it… YOU?”

“Alright, who will admit it? It was you!” Dad pointed his index finger straight at (_child #3, boy or use Bob_).

Let me pause for a minute and introduce myself. I’m Dad and I’ll be telling this story from my perspective. You can’t trust kids to keep a situation like this serious and literary. They make things all goofy.

The kids invited him and were ecstatic for him to join them for dinner. Each of the three kid faces pressing harder and firmer to the window glass as the figure inched closer, towering like a statue. Swoooooshhhhh. A giant horned tail swept across the ground to each side of his body.

     BooM. BooM.

This time, more than just windows shook. The floor trembled. And the noise increased as the invited guest got closer and closer…

     BOOM. BOOM.

The whole house now shook with each beat of its feet. It was time. There was no knock at the door. No, “is (_child #1, boy_) or (_child #2,girl_) or (_child #3, boy or use Bob_) home.” Nope. The creature opened his mouth.

Rrrr-raaaa-RAAA… let me in! Raaa!

Chapter 2 Dinner is Served

“Do we let him in?” Asked (_child #2,girl_).

Without answering his sister, (_child #1, boy_) grabbed the door knob an threw the door open. A slight breeze touched each of their faces as the hulking figure stood before them. There was a stalemate. Who would talk first? What was the polite way to welcome a 600 pound T-Rex into your house for dinner? These are difficult questions and only highly-trained kids in the art of manners would know.

Rrrr-raaaa-RAAA… Well! Are you gonna let me in! Raaa!” T-Rex bellowed. His breath reeked of something foul. Yellow crust clung to his teeth, which he obviously didn’t brush, like, at all.

The youngest of the family stepped up to the challenge. (_child #3, boy or use Bob_) said. “Hello, Mr. T-Rex. We’re so glad that you came to our house for dinner. Please, come in.”

The older two kids backed away slowly as T-Rex squeezed through the door. And I mean… Sssssqueeeeeeezzzzzzeeeeee… as he had to tuck his massive head under the top of the door frame and use his tail to push him in. Finally, he hurled into the house, tumbling forward. He got up.

Rrrr-raaaa-RAAA… Bout time. You’re house is too small! Raaa!

I watched closely as each of my kid’s eyes were fixated on one thing.  His shoes. They were like the shoes a clown would wear. Big and red and shiny, with rainbow ribbons as shoestrings. These shoes were about the size of a dog, like he had 2 shiny red dogs attached to his feet. But that’s not what they were REALLY staring at. Piles of mud trailed behind T-Rex. His shoes were caked in mud and each step painted another section of the living room in brown.

“Stop!” I finally shouted, realizing that Mom would not be happy with the new decorations in the house.

T-Rex obliged. He simply opened his mouth and said. “Rrrr-raaaa-RAAA… Where’s dinner? I could eat a Stegosaurus! Raaa!

(_child #2,girl_) couldn’t handle it anymore. “T-Rex, you have terrible manners!”

T-Rex bowed in shame and mumbled. “Raaa! I know. I can’t help it. That’s why I’m here. I need your help. Raaa! Rrrr-raaaa-RAAA!”

“Well that’s better T-Rex.”(_child #1, boy_) said. “Dad, may we help you set the table for dinner?”

This is the type of language that makes a father smile. Ahhh, to have 3 well-mannered kids in this day and age is very, very, very difficult. I nodded to (_child #1, boy_), (_child #2, girl_), and (_child #3, boy or use Bob_). “Yes, let’s serve. Dinner is served.”

Chapter 3 Terrible Table Manners

After several polite asks, T-Rex finally took off his muddy shoes and placed them by the front door. His giant front claws, nearly shredding the living room carpet.

    BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. The house shook at each step as T-Rex waddled to the dinner table.

I was already sitting with my napkin folded in front of me. I had to hold down my plate and water to avoid it flying off the table from all the shaking. The kids copied my defensive actions. They were each sitting upright and proper. Their water glasses were full, table settings complete in front of them. Although, some water was splashing out.  They all eagerly awaited how this dinner would go.

Rrrr-raaaa-RAAA… I want food! Raaa!” T-Rex tossed his tail behind him and sat on the open chair at the other head of the table (I sat at the other side).

The table shook fiercely when he sat.

(_child #1, boy_) said. “Whew, I barely held onto my chicken and rice. And my water is about two thirds full now. T-Rex that was not right. That is not how you sit at the table.”

(_child #2, girl_) agreed with her older brother. “You need to say, may I please sit down?”

Meanwhile, (_child #3, boy or use Bob_) didn’t say anything. He unfolded his napkin and laughed into the cloth, trying to conceal his bad manners.

Rrrr-raaaa-RAAA… Errr, you’re right. Sorry again. May I… May I, pu-pu-please be seated? Raaa!

“That’s better T-Rex. You’re learning.” (_child #1, boy_) said.

Dinner commenced and the comedy of errors and terrible table manners unfolded.

“Kids. It’s our turn. The DiR Story StarterTM is over. (_child #1, boy_), do have any ideas of what will happen next and what T-Rex will do? How about you, (_child #2, girl_)? How will we teach him good table manners so he can teach his family?. And (_child #3, boy or use Bob_), how should the story end? Should it be funny or dangerous or scary or… what?” The end of the story is your choice. Work together and have a blast!


Okay Dads, are you ready. This is the author of DiR Story Starters, Ken Carfagno. 6 years ago, I found that I could make up these stories for my kids. It may come naturally to you, like it did for me. Or it may be difficult. But try, either way. It will be fun to create WITH your kids. They will connect with you big-time and probably talk about this story to their friends. Go for it Dads! Finish this DiR Story StarterTM together.  When you’re done, feel free to email it to ken@dadnamics.com. I will be posting your replies to my website for other families to learn from and laugh with. Have fun! Be Dadnamic!