Introducing DiR CollaborateTM & The GAD Lost Lands Part Two: Bamboo Land

How cool would it have been for you, as a kid, to help an author with a book? How proud would you have been, telling your friends all about it?

As many of you know, I published my first father/child interactive adventure book in December. The Arctic Land experience took me 5 ½ years to complete and the result is exactly as I envisioned. Dads are reading Arctic Land and moving so much closer to their kids. Some are even seeing the awesome power of reading aloud to their kids and have created new habits of reading in their homes.

I began The GAD Lost Lands, Part Two: Bamboo Land a few weeks ago and I plan to release it by early 2017. For the past 3 months, a new jigsaw puzzle and vision has formed in my flux capacitor.

How cool would have been for me as a kid to help an author with a book? I would have told everyone that I did it!

Maybe some of your kids would agree and would like to join DiR CollaborateTM. Here's what I'll be doing...

  1. A closed Facebook group called "DiR Collaborate".
  2. Reports to the FB group after each day of writing, where I'll give my personal feelings about the day's writing. I will post my word count for the day and I may even post samples of the text so you can read along. Maybe I'll ask for some ideas like character names, special powers, fantastical creatures and places. I used December 13th in Arctic Land, which is my son's birthday. What if I incorporated my top collaborators birthdays into Bamboo Land?
  3. Weekly updates on the writing and publishing process and which ideas I incorporated from the group.

DiR CollaborateTM will have a few requirements.

  1. Child must be between 6-12 as the book is designed for middle graders.
  2. Participate in the group.

* It would be a strong plus if you and your child are Arctic Land readers and loved the experience.

That's it. That's DiR CollaborateTM. There's no writing or editing, just fun ideas. However, if your child has an interest in what it actually takes to write a real book, they will certainly learn that here.

Arctic Land Book Cover

Talk to your kids and read this page aloud. I hope you choose to JOIN!

It will be fun for YOU and YOUR kids!