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Destiny is calling. Prepare yourselves for mystery, suspense, and laughter as you go on this Dadnamics in Reading  and DiR Interactive  adventure today!

  • Calling all 8-12-year-old adventure-seekers! Are you ready for an adventure with Dad?
  • Calling all dads! Do you want your son or daughter excited about books?

Two years ago, the world’s Greatest Adventure Discovery (GAD) Team vanished and among them is Grandfather.

You could continue waiting, but why? You’ve earned the Survival Essentials Medallion and the Rocket Boat is ready for launch.

Strap in and get ready to discover secret passages, encounter dragons, solve riddles, escape the Viking Squad, and race against time.

But calamity and the unexpected will turn this adventure upside-down leaving the two of you in the battle for your lives.

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Artic Land Paperback Cover


Start your father / son experience with the Paperback version of Arctic Land, and remember to download your GAD Logbook and SMARTMAPS!

Arctic Land On Kindle

Kindle Version

Start your father / son experience with the Kindle version of Arctic Land, and remember to download your GAD Logbook and SMARTMAPS!

Artic Land Logbook

Don't Forget The Downloadables!

You will need the Arctic Land GAD logbook and SMARTMAPS, so download them as you get started! 

Vincent PuglieseFreelance to Freedom

Reading to my kids was something that my wife would do, it wasn't something I thought was a "dad" thing. But reading Arctic Land to my boys every night has added a value and a closeness to our relationship that I never knew could be there. It is the last thing we do before they go to sleep, and they are memories that will last.

John CraigPhotographer

This book was fun to read. Me & my 10yr old daughter enjoyed the adventure together. Ken has given us parents a great new way to share the love of reading with our children.

Christopher MaselliChildren's Author

Dads are encouraged to read with their sons (the story itself is about a Dad and son), and this creates a powerful dynamic (Dad-namic?) that you have to experience to really understand the impact.

Cardiff HallBusiness Development Mgr

If your son ever wanted to be the main character in a book, this allows him to be! Ken places him right in the middle of the adventure. This is written well and allows you to bond and connect with your son.

Eric ZufallPhysician Assistant

I'm currently reading this with my 7-year-old son and we are BOTH loving it! The interactive element is a great way for dads and sons to connect and, well... INTERACT! :-) Highly recommend this and look forward to more!

Adam WilliamsSales Manager

You know, both Madden and Westyn do ask me to read and tell them stories at bed time (over and over again). I never really thought of what an impact those story times are having on them. I never had a close relationship with my dad to compare it to. Thanks!

Arctic Land - Downloadable Content

Download your amazing Arctic Land interactive content here:

Artic Land Logbook

This is your
GAD Logbook

It will be essential in your quest to find Arctic Land. Each page contains instructions. Follow them. Ask Dad for help if you have questions, for we have trained him in the ways of the Greatest Adventure Discovery Team. You have passed Survival Essentials. You are ready. We believe in you. Good Luck!

Arctic Land map Pack

These are your 

You will need these maps at various stages in your Arctic Land adventure.

They will help you develop the navigation skills necessary to locate  clues and unlock the secrets of Arctic Land. 

DiR-Official.pngWithin the 20 chapters of Arctic Land are 37 strategically-placed Dadnamics in ReadingTM logos.

They are designed to enhance the reading experience beyond the pages. There are interactive maps, an adventure logbook for artwork, clue-solving, and journaling. And among them are 10 SE Practicals.

Start your downloads here:

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