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Introducing Dadnamics

​When you join, the Dadnamics Community has...

  • Dadnamics Live! A new video blog and YouTube channel showcasing the actual application of Dadnamics!
  • Social media outlets to grow and share the Dadnamics Community
  • A place to be held accountable (by other Dads) to your own Dad goals via a closed Facebook group
  • Encouraging messages and blog posts to help you along YOUR JOURNEY

Join the Dadnamics Community and start receiving fun & creative ideas to create lasting memories with your kids!

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Introducing DiR Interactive™

Prepare yourselves for mystery, suspense, and laughter as you go on our Dadnamics in Reading and DiR Interactive™ adventures!

  • Within each DiR Interactive book are strategically placed Dadnamics in Reading™  logos.
  • These logos indicate activities designed to enhance the reading experience, such as maps, journaling logbooks, clue-solving activities, artwork and more 
  • Currently available as downloads with amazing graphics, we are in the process of expanding these experiences with unique on-line games, puzzles, fun and surprising content

So be sure to stay up to date with the latest news about our upcoming books,  interactive adventures and on-line activities as they launch!

We take your privacy seriously and  promise to never share your email or spam you

We are thrilled to announce
Arctic Land, our first book in a series of interactive reading adventures!

Arctic Land Cover Image


Do you want your son or daughter excited about books?

Then enter the world of Arctic Land where you and your child are the main characters in this interactive reading experience!